Ethics Policy

Lakshay Media Ethics Policy:

  1. Accuracy: Lakshay Media is committed to providing accurate and balanced news to its readers. We verify all information before publishing and make corrections promptly if any errors are found.
  2. Independence: Lakshay Media is independent and impartial in its reporting, and we do not allow outside influences to shape our content.
  3. Conflicts of Interest: Lakshay Media journalists and editors must disclose any conflicts of interest that could affect their work. This includes financial, political, or personal ties that could influence our reporting.
  4. Source Protection: Lakshay Media will protect the identity of sources who provide information in confidence, unless otherwise agreed or required by law.
  5. Privacy: Lakshay Media respects the privacy of individuals and will not publish information that is likely to harm someone's personal or professional reputation unless there is a strong public interest in doing so.
  6. Sensitive Reporting: Lakshay Media will approach sensitive topics such as violence, tragedy, and personal suffering with sensitivity and respect. We will consider the impact of our reporting on those affected and their families.
  7. Plagiarism and Fabrication: Lakshay Media prohibits plagiarism and fabrication in all its forms. Our journalists and editors must always attribute information to its original source.
  8. Fairness: Lakshay Media is committed to providing a fair and balanced representation of events, people, and opinions. We will avoid biased or partisan reporting, and we will give all sides of a story equal consideration.
  9. Opinion and Comment: Lakshay Media will clearly distinguish between news and opinion and comment. Our opinion and comment pieces will reflect a diversity of perspectives and will be clearly labeled as such.

This ethics policy will be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that it remains relevant and effective.